Gifts of wandering ice


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On this page, you can find games, extra art, and fanart. These will update, so check out this page from time to time: you might find something new!



Ice gift hunt - free CYOA game - interactive fiction

Dreamcatcher maker game - based on dollmaker script

Hunter - Cave dweller quiz

Ice gifts - puzzles

Wordhunt game


My art

 paper Rikter

Ксения и ее хирургический роботRita - concept art Waterfall

 Nautilus charm



Rikter and Nikt- by joeyballast, author of Cato's Apprenticeship

Rikter fanart Nikt fanart


Rita - by Bobblit, author of "A tale yet unclaimed"

Rita - fanart Rita - fanart


Rita and Kalare by Maria Treschevawriter and illustrator.

Rita by Maria Trescheva Kalare by Maria Trescheva