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Page 51 - Power of imagination

Power of imagination

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The power of imagination and it's influence on the real world are being highly underestimated in our time along with all things and activities that help to develop it: like reading sci-fi and fantasy books or watching films about adventures in space and magical worlds. It's all considered to be just a child's play not worthy of attention of any responsible adult. And that attitude is wrong because imagination is the real engine of humanity's development. It gave an impulse to all our great discoveries, to everything we recognize as progress. And from that point of view all those imaginary dragons, mages, and space heroes have much more influence at the real world than we can think of.


Do the cave dwellers have any kind of religious or philosophical traditions? Maybe very hard-nosed rational(ist?) ones like Descartes or Al-Qunawi? Or is that just not part of their culture?

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All islanders are atheists (they know the word "gods" but also know that gods are just fairy tale characters) and value knowledge and rational thinking greatly. Even hunters and mutes, with their shamans, are not religious, just poetic. They have what we call "right side of the brain thinking". And the "magic" shamans use has a lot in common with hypnosis and NLP, that's why it often works.

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