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Page 485 - Time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye

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Time to say goodbye. Hope doesn't know this guy at all and yet she's so afraid to lose him, so unwilling to part. Maybe, if she had had some time to get to know Nolan better, she wouldn't stand him at all, but now she's in tears and wishes nothing else but him to live and stay in Norns Abode.

Nolan's feelings are a bit different. He does like Hope a lot, but his "goodbye" is a more calculated thing. He wants her to leave for two reasons: not to witness his bloody death should Faith decide to kill him on spot, and not to witness a mind game he wants to play if he will be allowed to explain himself. As to Faith, the hatred she watches the young people embrace and say their goodbyes with is evident.


Hope must have some of that "empathy" stuff he's heard so much about and seen so little of.

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He does know what empathy is, though, considering that his father was an empath (a burnt out one, but still).

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