Gifts of wandering ice

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We all knew how Hope would react to Nolan's confession, so I assumed it was safe to skip this scene. The "magic" of Eden which gave us an illusion of time standing still is now gone and both Nolan and Hope feel that time is running out.

There are several important pieces of information on this scene. First, the Norns don't have full control of the station. Second, because of some "screen" protecting the station from Lord Aaron's gaze they can hack the systems one by one removing the psi-profile restricted access without triggering the alarm (something future people couldn't do, see Page_409). Third, Hope doesn't have a psi-profile.


Hmm, so there may be something they can do for him? Now that's interesting. Of course his emotional journey was compelling, but if he has a shot at living out his new life without it coming at somebody else's expense, that would be pretty wonderful to see.

10th Aug 2022, 8:24 PM edit delete reply

Hope thinks that one of their frozen specialists can help. But can they? We can only hope.

14th Aug 2022, 12:50 PM edit delete reply

The backgrounds are wonderful.

14th Aug 2022, 12:23 AM edit delete reply

Aww :) They're very simple here. I look at this page now and it feels empty. Why didn't I add more stuff? Must've been close to falling out of the schedule.

14th Aug 2022, 12:51 PM edit delete reply

I thought it was deliberate -- like you have three people living (not counting the stored frozen ones, who aren't doing much) in this vast complex, it seems like most of it would be empty. It gives such a sense of the quiet aftermath of an end of the world.

14th Aug 2022, 11:09 PM edit delete reply

Could be the opposite: with so few people around, it's hard to keep a huge place in order.

14th Aug 2022, 11:53 PM edit delete reply

I'm sure it's incredibly dusty. I hope none of them have allergies. :P

14th Aug 2022, 11:54 PM edit delete reply

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