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Page 473 - Ancient words

Ancient words

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This page is actually Page_336 with roles reversed. Back then, Ash was the one bewildered and confused. And now it's Hope.

But she has a baby! So there must be a father, right? Sure, a grown up man makes a worse host than a young boy, but Nolan is desperate and beggars cannot be choosers.


Wait, hold on a second. Rita used the word husband plenty of times. Did that term just come back into fashion between now and then, or am I forgetting a detail here?

4th Jun 2022, 7:53 AM edit delete reply

Hunter chiefs have high level psi profiles packed with memories of people who lived in the same world we're living now. They don't just know the word "husband". I bet they also know "mobile phone" and "communism" :D So when men got returned into existence , a bunch of old words became relevant again. The words themselves never disappeared completely.

4th Jun 2022, 2:52 PM edit delete reply

I guess you can maintain a REALLY low stable population if you have some high-tech stuff...

5th Jun 2022, 11:02 PM edit delete reply

She'll explain how it's done a bit later.

6th Jun 2022, 9:38 AM edit delete reply

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