Gifts of wandering ice

Page 47 - To cross the ocean

To cross the ocean

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Cave dwellers do not believe in magic, hunters do. But both aggree about it being not enough to cross the ocean.


Woah, how far in the future is this SET? I'm getting vertigo just looking at that last panel. That's a lot bigger than the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland! Is this geologic ages later? Or could the makers of the ice gifts make geological features like this? They seem to have been very powerful...

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Basalt formations can be quite lofty, even the ones that already exist. Like Devils Tower (265m)
And, sorry, telling you exactly how far into the future the story is set would be a spoiler :) I'll uncover this in due time.

19th Oct 2017, 7:51 PM edit delete reply

Wow, now I want to go to Wyoming. That IS close to the same scale.
(And yes, my shouty rhetorical questions are just that, not demands for spoilers!)

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