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Nanomachines are doing their job well. For a while - 8 hours, to be precise - Ash's immune system calms down and his tempereature gets back to normal. But now he has a severe headache after the nerve jolt his father gave him. And there is still a long way up...


I wonder, if the nanos are so effective, whether it could have been an option for them to just be a permanent part of the person's immune system, but I guess that would have complicating factors of its own.

2nd Apr 2022, 1:49 AM edit delete reply

A long-term solution involving nanites would require a much deeper understanding of everything. Atlanteans didn't bother with such things. Why would they? It was easier to switch to a new, healthy body through memory transfer than to cure a terminally ill one.

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Put in an elevator already, guys.

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Gals :D

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