Gifts of wandering ice

Page 465 - Nanites


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Here's a good, loving dad for you! Familiar situation, right? (see Page_124). And an example of medicine from the future. Nanites = nanobots = nanomachines. They do the task they were made for and self-destruct after a while. These ones Ash injects into himself are supposed to deal with inflammation. Also... dizziness, fever, dark circles around eyes, nosebleed... where have we seen such symptoms before? (Page_376, Page_416, Page_424)


Should've figured that they'd have something more high-tech than adrenaline. I wonder how the body deals with the self-destructed remains, though. Does the immune system attack them? Are they safely absorbed into the body? Do they just go straight to the liver and renal system to be filtered out? A little of everything? Who knows, but speculating on it is kind of fun.

Also, uh, yeah. Those sure are familiar symptoms. And things haven't improved much on dealing with this disease in the present day, so things look grim for him.

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Atlanteans lost their battle with the virus, so, yes, they had no cure for it.

Nanomachines are made of proteins and metal particles. When they self-destruct, the proteins turn into amino acids and enter the body's protein cycle and metal particles get removed by leukocytes.

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I missed the nerve jolt on the first read — I thought it was a symptom. Ouch.

27th Mar 2022, 4:23 AM edit delete reply

Ouch indeed! Nerve jolts were a common tool for torture in Atlantean times.

27th Mar 2022, 11:14 AM edit delete reply

Atlanteans suck. (Also because they were dumb enough to name themselves after a doomed civilization that offended the gods with their absurd pride; that’s just tempting fate.)

28th Mar 2022, 1:18 AM edit delete reply

They probably thought of other aspects of the Atlantis myth when they chose the name :) Or, most likely, they just took the name of the trillionaire corporation that started the modular floating cities project.

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