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Page 450 - First aid

First aid

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Broken nose, broken leg, and who knows what else... Rikter is a tough kid. He managed to go fix his leg with what little he had - a brake stick and ropes. Tim and Ren would be proud of the little healer, indeed. He climbed up the platform and got hold of a medkit (slingshot and nuts (from Page_445) had a small role in getting it to the ground, though I didn't draw the process) and used whatever meds were inside. There wasn't much because it's a small and unimportant station (Rita mentions on Page_167 that medkids on them are lightly packed), but it must've had some basic painkillers, disinfectants, bandages (and honey, there's always honey). Everything happened in an hour or so, and now the boy is exhausted, barely conscious, and totally not in a proper shape to go anywhere.


Kind of reminds me of that one doctor who performed an appendectomy on himself because nobody but him was available to do it. It takes a special combination of guts, the sheer survival instinct, and skill under pressure to do something like that.

If this kid gets his head on straight, he could be a huge source of inspiration and stablity for his community.

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Yes, I heard the story about that doctor and it was awesome! Rikter is a promising little man indeed. Although, nothing less is expected of the chief's child.

14th Dec 2021, 11:16 AM edit delete reply

That implies he had some "useful consciousness" or whatever it's called. Go Rik!

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