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Avian flu

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The disease is called "avian flu" for a reason. Humans are not the only carriers of the virus in this case.


I like how the birds look both beautiful and menacing, moving around like virus particles in the air.

8th Jun 2021, 10:21 PM edit delete reply

Wow, I didn't think of the parallel between the birds and virus particles. Good one!

9th Jun 2021, 8:50 AM edit delete reply

Well now I feel dumb for not thinking of that myself. Should have been obvious.

For that matter, I wonder if her follow-up to that might be something along the lines of "and if he hadn't brought patient zero right to us, we'd likely be even further behind on dealing with this crisis than we already are."

9th Jun 2021, 3:24 AM edit delete reply

Yes, this is exactly what Rita is going to say in her brother's defence.

9th Jun 2021, 8:50 AM edit delete reply

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