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Page 421 - Cat's cradle

Cat's cradle

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Nikt is not hiding anymore. It's hard to say whether he's finally decided to face his problems for once, or he just wants to die. The crowd is unsure what to do with him as well. On one hand, they think he's the reason so many people have died (he brought the patient zero to the main camp after all!), on the other hand, he's just a boy, standing on his knees, crying and helpless. Looks like it's a problem for Rita to solve.


Even if his actions had disastrous results, he didn't intend for this to happen and he's obviously remorseful. If he's willing to pluck himself up and keep moving on, I can't see any just recourse for this other than allowing him to rejoin society and do what he can to help. Let's hope Rita is thinking something along those lines.

And let's hope that if he does rejoin, he'll have some friends to keep him going. He'll need support.

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At least his big sister is on his side.

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