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New shaman

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"I love you. I'm proud of you. I want you to be the new shaman". That's what Ren tries to say as he passes his "magic string" to his son.

Ren has always been an alien in the world of islanders. He is a Mute and grew up in a very different culture. His very brain is wired differently, because Mutes belong to human subspecies related to Neanderthals. Yet he always managed to find a way to communicate with people around him and be understood. Hunter tribe respected him immensely. He was truly the chief's equal for them. And if Lara was her tribe's "brain", Ren was its "heart". Will Nikt follow his father's steps? Time will show.


I hope his words truly reach him. Knowing he's loved unconditionally, as well as being given a goal to aspire to, would do him a lot of good to move on with his life.

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Always in motion the future is...
There are several possibilities I have in mind for Nikt but, honestly, I haven't yet decided which one to pick.

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