Gifts of wandering ice

Page 415 - Together


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Back to the chief's family.

It's ironic that nightmares were the end of Jan. He used to say how he loved them and how they are better than life(see Page_373).

I thought long and hard about what Jan's fate should be. Jan was a monster. If you've ever encountered him in "Ice gift hunt" you know he didn't stop at killing Rita's mentor and had no remorse about his actions. By all means he deserved to die alone and be forgotten. But, you know, real life often does to us what we do not deserve. We usually notice this when something bad happens to us, but good things do happen to us undeserved as well.


I feel like this is less about good things happening to the undeserving and more like people being compelled to act with compassion when faced with suffering and finding closure in doing do, and that's a strong message in and of itself.

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Yes, this too.

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