Gifts of wandering ice

Page 413 - Terraces under snow

Terraces under snow

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New councillors are up to something.

The terraces on the background represent a typical landscape on cave dwellers' island. Cave dwellers are mostly vegetarians (meat is holiday food, as Elie mentions on Page_179), so they know a thing or two about agriculture. Also, their island is as rocky as any island on the archipelago, so most of their fields are made artificially. The closest real-life example is Machu Picchu.

The hats I gave Darya and Anna are called ushanka hats (means "with flappy ears") where I live. I own one myself. It's very warm and cosy, especially when you wear it with its "ears" down.


It's really cool to see the outside/landscape shots of the islands.

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I like them too. Drawing landscapes is quite relaxing.

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