Gifts of wandering ice

Page 341 - Giant cave

Giant cave

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Elie walks away from the chief's tent. Lara notices it but doesn't stop her. We see that hunters made their winter camp in a giant cave that protects their tents from wind and snow.


Laura suspects...I'm sure she sees Ellie almost like a time bomb.

(Ok, totally wild fan theory, brought on by watching too much geology on PBS: the various basalt formations are manmade. The islands themselves are manmade, but not on purpose. Somebody in the ancient world got the bright idea of driving through into the earth's mantel as a weapon of war, maybe by dropping super-dense rods from space. This caused floods of molten basalt, like the ones in Siberia and India and the Hawaiian islands. In the past, basalt floods have at least been timed with major extinctions, and in this case, it almost wiped out humanity and totally remade the culture of the survivors. Plus the clouds of ash could maybe cause a sudden ice age! It all fits! *crazy eyes*)

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Haha, I like your theory :)
Nature can wreck havoc without puny humans though. There are several dormant super volcanoes on Earth. Wake up just one and humanity is history and the planet is a snowball.

There are several storylines possible at that point, all of them blurry, each is a web of reasons and consequences. I haven't decided which one to pick yet. So the future of GWI is still in motion.

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Oops, forgot to log in again :/

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Regardless, no spoilers! It's a delight to watch the story unfold. :D

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