Gifts of wandering ice

Page 330 - Rage


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It was Tim who started the fight (he mentions it on page 285) and now he explains why. It's a natural thing, getting mad at someone who hurt your love one, even trying to hit the offender after this is a natural thing. Jan had carefully planned his little speech, chose the right words and spiced everything with a contemptious sneer. It worked just like he wanted. No doubt he thought it was "fun". What troubles Tim here is that his empathy had just disappeared in a moment and all he felt was rage and desire to brutally murder a human being. And that he couldn't control it.


I love how this page shows that his empathy drives him to leap into a fight he can't win but he doesn't get that's what's happening.

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That's one of my favourite moments. One of those showing us that well behaved, kind, and compassionate Tim has ordinary human flaws too.

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Oops, it's me. Forgot to login.

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