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Page 324 - Superhumans


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The old world used sociopaths in many ways. Rita's family comes from the line of elite soldiers, superhumans bioengineered specifically for battle. They were given strength, speed, and endurance unimaginable for a genetically unmodified human being. And a brain type to match their purpose. Soldiers should have no empathy to be efficient. In the real world, our world, about 2% of the population are sociopaths. I read once that in times of peace these 2% are responsible for 60% of violent crimes and in times of war - for 90% of casualties among the enemy. Superhuman with a mind like that would be a perfect killing machine.


I'm calling it now--ancient soldiers worked entirely alone, as drone pilots or something of that kind (the people that right now tend to suffer the most mental problems, iirc). Otherwise the lack of unit cohesion would most likely cause real problems -- like a weird inverse of that force from ancient Thebes made up entirely of couples.

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No, they were actually good team players knowing when to sacrifice and when to protect their fellow soldiers. The training they got to achieve that is a part of the education program every member of a hunter chief's family comes through and still a reason why chiefs make the best expedition leaders.

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