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Page 321 - Mirror neurons

Mirror neurons

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Mirror neurons in our brain fire both when we make and action and observe someone else making it. They play an important role in empathy and learning, and their activity is on a spectrum on one end of which there are empaths and on the other there are sociopaths. "Normal" people are somewhere in the middle. Mirror neurons activity depends on a number of specific genes and is hereditary. Elie is an empath, that's why reminiscences triggered by certain ice gifts are so painful for her: her mirror neurons perfectly reproduce the pain and suffering if there were any in the reminiscence. As if they were her own.


Guh, I've been falling behind commenting.

I do know somebody who does that, to the point I have to watch myself describing injuries around them.

2nd Nov 2018, 5:52 PM edit delete reply

I can relate. I'm closer to sociopathic end of the spectrum myself (it'd be "indifference" on this chart). I cannot mirror the suffering of others when I see it and have to consciously imagine myself in their shoes to feel at least something. Useful in dangerous situations, though: I jump straight to action and problem solving instead of wrestling with my emotions.

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Really good comic! And I LOVE DINOS!!!!!!! Sub from me! Waiting for more!

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Thanks for reading and welcome :)

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