Gifts of wandering ice

Page 317 - Uncovering the scars

Uncovering the scars

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Rita has her own psychological issues, scars being one of them. Having them uncovered used to make her feel vulnerable, small, and weak, which is humiliating for a future chief and an unforgivable thing for a hero. She tells about this on pages 110-111. She overcame her fear of uncovering the scars eventually, though, but the issue with memories about Jan was a tougher one. In a way, Rita's own brother did more damage to her mind than a sharp-toothed nightmarish monster she defeated. Jan did bad things to her when she was a little kid, and made her do bad things to others. Mere memories of this are humiliating. Rita exiled them to the darkest corner of her mind, just like her tribe exiled Jan to the swamp island. So when she tells Tim she couldn't talk about Jan, that's true: she really couldn't. Meeting her brother again, fighting him, seeing him weak and at her mercy freed Rita from the old fear.


I like the halting steps you’re showing for Rita and Tim. Even though they’re passionately in love, they’re still young and they have to learn to trust each other (or, more importantly, to lean on each other).

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Thank you :)
It feels good to know there are people who actually like this arc. I lost a lot of readers because of it (they thought it was boring) and was close to abandoning the comic.

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