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Page 308 - Permission giver

Permission giver

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Nikt has finally arrived, just in time to hear Jan's story. Of course, the boy understands now how stupid he had been, but it's too late: his reputation is ruined forever. He is a traitor, he let his mentor down, he brought shame on his own family. Nikt is crouching behind the trees hiding his head under his arms (his usual gesture when he is confronted with scary truth, see page 12). Also, after Jan's trap, his leg will never properly heal.


Augh, his leg's gonna be a lot worse after this.

26th Sep 2018, 6:30 PM edit delete reply

It's screwed up for life now. And to Nikt it'd still be Tim's fault.

27th Sep 2018, 2:38 PM edit delete reply

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