Gifts of wandering ice

Page 294 - A fight is brewing

A fight is brewing

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Back at the hunters' camp, a fight is brewing. We've met these guys first at page 225, after Tim had been accepted to the family, and saw them arguing at page 278. One of them is Tim's supporter now, since he values him as a healer, one hates Tim even more than before, and the third guy is hard to read. He stays calm and silent during the scene, not intervening at all. People are gathering aroung this trio. Hunters do fight a lot (Rita mentioned it briefly at page 169), though serious injuries are rare, and it usually takes a chief to bring peace to the camp. Now it's up to Tim.

Woman trying to stop the fight is Rikter's aunt we saw at page 278, and two girls near her are her daughters, the ones whom she sent to find Rita.


Come on, lads, you and him belong to two of the last three human civilizations remaining on earth. (Maybe.) Be nice. :p

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A bit too late to go back. Let them fight already and return to work or the campers will miss their dinner.

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