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Page 280 - Stay conscious

Stay conscious

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Tim asks Rikter to speak with him to help him stay conscious. That's understandable. With Ren somewhere away teaching Elie, Tim is the only real healer in the camp at the moment. Also, he is the patient now. He has to stay conscious to observe his own state and take proper action in case it gets worse. He's got a concussion. It isn't very bad though (we see he's conscious, hasn't suffered memory loss, and can think clearly) but everything can always go downhill: brain injury is no joke.


It's cool to see getting hit in the head shown as the scary thing it really is.

16th Jul 2018, 9:32 PM edit delete reply

Yep, being hit with bare knuckles (or an elbow), by a professional fighter, usually results in something like this. We, humans, are fragile creatures.

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