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Page 216 - Shattered dreams

Shattered dreams

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Rita's dreams of noble ancestors are shattered to bits. She'd always thought that contemporary people are savages compared to them, but in truth it's the ancients who were savages, cruel and not understanding the value of human life. Killing people is something unthinkable in post ice age era. Torturing people or making a machine designed for killing them is even worse. The truth is bitter, but the future chief has to know it.


Ow, culture shock. I'd bet the fact that crimes are happening on a grand official/industrial scale (as opposed to induviduals being creeps on their own time) is a totally new concept to a small-town (small civilization?) person like Rita...

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Islanders' entire civilization is based on helping each other and valuing human life above everything else, so, yep, everyone who learns how things used to be in the past feels the same as Rita.

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