Gifts of wandering ice

Page 195 - Chance


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When speaking to the chief, showing some character is okay, you just should be careful not to overdo it. So, Rita interrupts Tim just in time and asks her mother to give him a chance to prove himself. Lara looks at her daughter in silence as she speaks standing here free of her old fears, with her hair loose, her scars uncovered, her eyes sparking, her voice full of bravery and love. Old chief thinks of many things, proud and sad. And in the end, her answer is simple.


I like that he's willing to hurt his chances with the inlaws for his wife's sake. He's a very decisive guy. Not cocky or hasty (aside from that little stunt jumping to the platform...) but confident once he's made sure he's right.

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Tim is a real chief material. That's why Rita wanted him to be her husband (a man wife shares power with), not a consort.

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