Gifts of wandering ice

Page 186 - Goodbyes


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Two very different mothers: a cheerful glass maker and a hunters' chief.
Rikter is afraid to ask his mother about the relic. Firts, it's an ice gift and therefore is forbidden to mess with, and, second, the question itself is enough to make the chief suspicious as to how her son got to know about relics in the first place.


Monarchy scares me too, Rik. :P

It's kinda cool/interesting how much modern styles have survived (or maybe been deliberately brought back as fashion?) by the cave people.

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By hunters only :) Cave dwellers choose their leaders by voting.
Chiefs must be trained from early childhood in a very specific way to be able to handle a psi-profile (core, high level one) they are being assigned when coming of age. It's a precious thing, a treasury of ancient knowledge, but it'd kill an untrained person. Genetics have a say there too. Chiefs are no ordinary people.
Cave dwellers use lower level psi-profiles, so they do not need to maintain a bloodline of leaders and can choose whoever they like.

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Oh, absolutely. I was kidding around (and trying not to commit a spoiler!)

Seriously, though, Elie's adoptive mother deserves a spin-off comic. She's so interesting.

And augh, I was vague: I meant clothing styles, not government.

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Don't worry, it wasn't a spoiler, it was a teaser :)

It's surprising that you find Elie's mother so interesting. She's such a minor character, mentioned only twice in the comic... but I like the idea about spinoffs. I don't know whether I'll ever have time to draw any, but writing some shouldn't be a problem.

25th Jan 2018, 8:27 AM edit delete reply

If you write it (in a language I can read) I'd read it!

I guess in that ... how she fits into Elie's life. Why did she decide to adopt her? Did she know about the deal mentioned later on? If so, was she ok with it? How do she and Ksenia get along? Are they bitter enemies or what? How does she feel about Elie going to stay with (mirror website spoilers) later on? Does she ever meet Ren? They both have kids who suffer problems caused by the ancients.
I get the impression she cares about Elie--there's a grounded, self-possessed, humorous vibe that comes out in the kid despite her bouts of insanity that reminds me of people I know who were raised by good parent(s).

Sorry to go on and on, but all these questions fascinate me!

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Your interest is truly inspiring :) I'll keep this story in mind when I have time to write something. It won't be fast, though. Writing in English is hard for me yet.

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