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Page 179 - Happy days

Happy days

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Time to see what Elie and Rikter were doing these days. Elie tried to teach her new friend to read and found some fancy clothes for him so he wouldn't look like a wild savage at the party. Rikter didn't like clothes much, though, neither he liked local food. They're almost vegetarians, these cave dwellers. They eat meat only on special occasions. Hunters, on the other hand, have meat in their every meal.


Ok, I'll bite. :P What holidays do they have? Birthdays, natch. They don't have a religious/philosophical tradition, like you said... Ones linked to seasons, like harvest festivals or New Year's? "National" holidays?

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Birthdays, weddings, New Year (celebrated in spring), harvest festivals, occasional holidays (when something important, like a new discovery, happens) and so on. Hunters also have fire festivals (big ones when chief's daugher chooses a father for her child and smaller ones for common folk), cave dwellers can participate in them too.
So, plenty of occasions to eat meat for them :)

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