Gifts of wandering ice

Page 177 - Walking hand in hand

Walking hand in hand

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Tim haschanged a lot in the past few days. He didn't show much respect for hunters and their culture before. Remember how he treated little Rikter when he didn't know him to be Rita's brother? (Page 30) And now Tim in respond to Rita's ironic phrase about hunters being just savages he promises to write a book about them. A great change, indeed.


Did Tim (before this point) not quite think of Rita as a hunter? Given she lived with the Cave Dwellers during her recovery and internalized/at least is comfortable with how they live? Not to mention that there doesn't seem to be a big linguistic divide between their cultures?

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You're right. He thought of her as a "civilized' woman, unlike her people. She even dresses differently when visiting cave dwellers.
There is no language divide. There are two languages on the archipelago. Hunters speak the one that resembles English, cave dwellers speaks the one that resembles Russian, but all people understand both, just like astronauts and cosmonauts on the ISS do, and many are bilingual.

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Now I'm starting to wonder if this is set somewhere around modern Alaska/Siberia, with more water locked up in ice than now, and also a warmer climate than now as they come out of the ice age. Also, you see basalt formations like that in Siberia and Alaska...

(Assuming the high-tech ancients couldn't grow hexagonal basalt like that whenever they wanted, like rock candy. :P )

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I'm not sure myself where the atchipelago is situated. It can be anywhere, really, since you need just a lot of heat to make the columns. Melted rock produces them as it cools down and cracks. The source of the heat can be a volcano or some weapon of mass destruction. The catastrophe that destroyed the old world could've been either of them. Or even both.

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