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Page 131 - Gift of the owl

Gift of the owl

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Rikter wakes up with a feeling of somebody watching him, closely. Upon opening his eyes, the boy finds out that he was right about that: there's the owl that bit him yesterday. The creature looks pretty crazy and holds a dead mouse in its beak. The next moment it throws the mouse into air and it flops on Rikter's blanket. Good morning!


"Stupid naked monkey! Can't fight. Can't hunt. What are you good for, huh? HUH!?

Here. Have a mouse. It'll keep you alive for that much longer so you can come to realize how useless you are and SUFFER.

Stupid naked monkey."

Man, owls are jerks.

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Haha :)
Cats do this too. Mine does. We don't have mice so she brings me big bugs (alive), throws them in my bed and purrs proudly.

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