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Page 104 - Making of dreamcatcher

Making of dreamcatcher

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Paypal no longer works in my country, so I can't get money from Ko-fi, Gumroad, and ComicAd.
But now I have good news!
Patreon still works! And I've replaced Ko-fi with Buymeacoffee! that works with Payoneer instead of Paypal. You can even buy my books there now. Boosty still works as well. It accepts Paypal and all cards.

Meanwhile, kids are busy making a dreamcatcher and boasting about what their moms do. Elie, a girl who had no friend all her life and was too serious and grim for her age, is now smiling and having fun playing a game. It seems there is truth in what Kalare said: magic does have some real power over people, not the kind of power a mage would've wanted though.

Like dreamcatchers? There is a free browser game where you can make your own! Dreamcatcher maker.


'what does your mama do?'

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Yep, another things needs fixing. Thanks!

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