Gifts of wandering ice

Are you a hunter or a cave dweller? - Find out with this quiz!

What are your food preferences? vegetarian/vegan
meat eater

What is reading for you? magic!
just a skill like any other

How many kids you wish to have? three or more
less than three or none

What about your drawing skills? I can draw realistic images
I still draw like a child

Do you like fighting? yes, and I study martial arts
no, and I won't fight if I can help it

What's the best weather for you? cool

Something new makes you... curious

You are a member of an expedition to the abandoned city or ancient ice caves. What role would you prefer? healer

How good are you with technology? good! I know what makes machines tick
okay. I can use machines but cannot repair or make them

Where would you prefer to stay during your vacation? hotel
tent camp

What type of wedding ceremony would you prefer? quiet, with just you two
big party with guests

What animal would you prefer as a pet? owl