Gifts of wandering ice

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I tried many different ad networks after the sad news about Project Wonderful ending its service. Alas, all the ads these networks provided were annoying and spammy, and earned me next to nothing. So I decided to sell adspaces on my websites directly instead of littering them with ugly banners.

If you like "Gifts of wandering ice" and have your own indie project (webcomic, game, book, music, etc.), buying ads on my websites is a great way for us to help each other out! I get money, you get traffic, everyone wins! :)

Please, contact me if you have questions.


Available adspaces:

Leaderboard - 728x90 ( choose more than 5 days and get +1, 3, or 5 days for free! )


Downoad template: psd, jpg

Choose the number of days your ad will run


Your ad must be SFW (no 18+ stuff, nudity, gore, strong language). If it leads to NSFW content put a warning on it, please.

Formats allowed: jpg, png, gif, animated gif. 150kb maximum.


How to buy:

- choose the number of days you want to buy (you pay for time, not for clicks or impressions, just like it used to be on Project wonderful)

- click on "Buy now" button and pay with your Paypal account (if you don't have it you can easily make one, you just need Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro card for this)

- after the payment goes through e-mail me your banner and URL you want it to lead to (to mail@mildegard ru) and I will put it on my website


Why should I buy ads on your webcomic?

- To support an author you like while getting some traffic (lots of webcomic readers who like sci-fi) for your own website.

- If you have a webcomic (especially if it is in sci-fi genre and/or greyscale/bw) you will find new readers this way.

- It's much cheaper than buying Google Ads or even TopWebComic ads and you will still get visitors from your target audience (webcomic readers, sci-fi readers, artists - there are lots of artists on CF)


How do you manage the ads?

- I use Paypal for payments and Adplugg (a free online service) for managing the banners themselves (their start and end dates, rotations, placement, etc.).