Gifts of wandering ice


Once upon a time I was a kid and wrote a short story about things people find in ancient icebergs. I translated it from Russian, so you can read it here if you're curious about the origins of "Gifts of wandering ice".

That's what this comic is (loosely) based upon. There are ten times more characters than in the original story and the plot is very different, so reading the original text won't spoil you any fun.

Gifts of wandering ice - scifi webcomic about ancient icebergs and their secrets


About me

That's what I look like:

Olga Makarova.

Born in 1985.

Lives in Ufa (that's in Russia).

Has a degree in biology.

Used to write scifi and fantasy books, now just draws a comic.

Works in a small animation studio (3D artist).

Loves martial arts (Aikido and Muay Thai).

Has a husband and a son.

Is a cat person.


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